Our affordable alternative to casting, is simple and effective while still allowing adjustment for swelling and removal for skin care. Versatile enough to be used in most any combination to a single digit, or up to 3 fingers. Our finger splint is made with malleable aluminum for a customized fit and a soft covering for comfort. The two Velcro® closure finger straps with ezy off tabs permit ease of application and in conjunction with the 2 inch wrist strap secures the splint for maximum support. Order our number one seller today.

  • Fits left and the right


10 Xsmall 7 ¼ inches 18.4 cm

20 Small 9 ¼ inches 23.5 cm

30 Medium 10 ¼ inches 26.0 cm

40 Large 11 ¼ inches 28.6 cm