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The owners of New Options Sports have been in the orthopedic arena for over 40 years. New Options Sports proudly manufactures American-made, quality orthopedic and sports medicine bracing. In addition to products for adults, we offer a complete line of pediatric products.  “Kids need braces too”

The quality and design of our products are second to none and all products are made of latex-free materials.  Only the best raw materials go into a New Options Sports’ products.

We understand the benefits of neoprene, with insulation of the body’s natural warmth and maintenance of local concentration of heat, which aids circulation, resulting in reduction of edema. Neoprene also allows the soft tissue to become more pliable and, therefore, less susceptible to injury. The four-way stretch of neoprene provides more even compression than conventional elastic’s two-way stretch and will maintain its shape, better than most elastic-based products.

We also manufacture a line of identically designed products made of Koolflex™ material.  Koolflex™ is a light, cool breathable knit-spacer fabric which wicks perspiration away from the skin.  KoolFlex™ is not a replacement for neoprene.   It is offered as an alternative for people who have to wear supports for long periods of time or have heat or allergy issues with neoprene.

We distribute our products through specialty distributors, independent reps, orthotic and prosthetic distributors, retail and DME facilities, purchasing groups and national athletic supply companies.

New Options Sports manufactures OEM products for many companies worldwide. We have the ability to Private Label your logo on your desired products. We have hundreds of clients, including Specialty Distributors, High Schools, Colleges, Professional Teams, Sports Medicine Clinics, Physicians Offices and Orthotic and Prosthetic Facilities that are happy customers with the advantage of marketing their name with the use of their own private label.

Since 1981 NOS has supplied products to the US Olympic Committee, the American Tennis Professionals (ATP), Athletes in Action We are proud to supply many products to the Veterans Administration, Military, Children’s and Shriner’s Hospitals.

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