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Our Company

Created in 1992, ProBand® Sports Industries, Inc., is dedicated to the manufacture and distribution of innovative products designed to relieve pain and prevent Repetitive Stress Injuries (RSIs) associated with the Forearm, Ankle and Knee. These unique medically based devices enable the consumer to efficiently and effectively treat oneself. ProBand® strives to make people pain free in an age of technology which unwittingly produces a high number of, and a growing trend toward, RSI’s.

Our Products

Our patented products are revolutionary and are considered superior aides to previously existing therapeutic bands or guards. They are designed to heal, alleviate pain, and avoid surgery commonly associated with many RSIs, including Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Tendonitis and Tennis Elbow.

Our Team

We employ highly qualified personnel who are available by phone, fax or email to assist you with your needs. Dr. Donald Fareed readily makes himself available to Corporate Human Resource Departments to serve as a speaker and medical consultant on issues that commonly affective the safety and well-being of companies and their employees.

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