Ezy Wrap

In 1958 Robert and Sue Kilbey saw the need for innovation and quality in the orthopedic market and set out to create the company known today as Professional Products, Incorporated.

For more than four decades, Professional Products Inc. has developed innovative and cost-efficient orthopedic medical products. All of our products are Made In America, with quality our highest priority. EZYWRAP and EXoTec products, the companyӳ flagship brands, provide superior solutions for specific needs. As an industry leader, Professional Products (PPI) has introduced many innovations to the orthopedic discipline.

We were the first to use VelcroΠin the design of bandages, wraps and elastic supports, eliminating awkward metal clips. Addressing the need for increased patient comfort, PPI developed a perforated vinyl fabric that allowed for breathability and enhanced skin care. We also improved post-operative and post-injury pain relief and discomfort brought on by swelling with the introduction of our Heat/Cold Therapy line of products. These advancements, along with many others, set PPI products at the forefront of the industry.

Today, we offer more than 4,000 products, all competitively priced. PPI continues to be dedicated to being an agent for change in the orthopedic industry, with improved design and manufacture of products that improve the quality of patient care. Through strategic alliances, use of leading-edge technology and employee growth and innovation, we seek to remain a competitive manufacturer, make a reasonable profit, reward our employees and enrich the communities in which we operate.

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