Dispensed Exclusively Through Physicians

TPA (Transdermal Penetrating Analgesic) 

(Transdermal Penetrating Analgestic)

  • As Powerful as a Narcotic, As Safe as an Aspirin
  • Topical Over the Counter (OTC) Medication
  • Pain Relief in Under 3 Minutes!
  • New Technology Restores Pain Nerve Fibers to Their Natural Resting State
  • Works on Contact – Immediate Pain Relief
  • Effect Lasts 4 – 6 Hours
  • Packaged in a Convenient, Travel, “Roll On”” Dispenser
  • Available through Medical Professional Exclusively

Indications for use:

  • Moderate to Severe Pain, acute, Subacute, Chronic Pain
  • Muscle & Joint Pain, Strain & Spasm
  • Nerve Irritation or Inflammation
  • Joint Pain from Acute or Chronic Trauma with or without Effusion
  • As Effective as Narcotics in Many Pain Syndromes
  • (Manufacturer: SteriWeb Medical, LLC)

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