PODOEXPERT by Allpremed® foot soak concentrate 1L (Please Call For Professional Pricing)



PODOEXPERT by Allpremed® foot soak concentrate

Luxurious foot soak and skin cleanser


PODOEXPERT by Allpremed® foot soak concentrate 1L

Luxurious foot soak and skin cleanser



  • Provides mild, hygienic cleansing and care for the skin & nails
  • Softens thickened skin and nails prior to foot care treatments
  • Premium formula for a luxurious foot soak experience


Additional Details:

  • Excellent as a softening pre-soak prior to corn and callus treatment
  • Softens skin, nails, calluses, corns, and other forms of very dry thickened skin
  • Gently moisturizes and cleanses skin & nails while soothing tired feet
  • Increases skin elasticity and suppleness
  • Optimized with urea and aloe vera extract
  • pH balanced, mild formula
  • Ideal for sensitive skin


The ultimate, all-in-one foot soak and skin cleanser for all foot care settings!

Available in 1000ml bottle (with pump top)

100% vegan

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