ASO Flex-Hinge Ankle Stabilizer


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The Med Spec Flex Hinge ankle brace offers a plastic articulating cuff with a nylon boot/figure-8 strapping for maximum ankle stability.


The ASO Flex Hinge Ankle Brace combines the proven technology of the ASO’s patented strapping system with an articulated plastic shell for superior ankle stabilization. The inner cuff is built into the nylon boot to provide the highest level of support to resist injuries involving separation of the lower tibia from the fibula including syndesmosis ankle sprains (high ankle sprains). The hinge articulates along with the ankle joint anatomy to help enhance comfort and patient compliance. The ASO Flex-Hinge is lined with SkinLoc material for a soft, comfortable feeling. Stabilizing straps on the outside provide a figure-8 lock function to capture the calcaneus for the the highest degree of medial-lateral stability available ankle sprain protection.


  • Internal plastic shell works with the lace-up design to provide a cuff around the tibia and fibula.
  • Provides maximum inversion-eversion ankle protection.
  • Articulates at the ankle and flexes to conform to the anatomy of the ankle.
  • Figure eight nylon stabilizing straps capture the calcaneus to resist inversion & eversion motion.
  • SkinLoc liner for patient comfort.
  • Fits left or right foot.
  • Sold individually.
  • US manufacturing for higher quality control standards.

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