Vista Cervical Collar with Pads


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The Vista® is a latex-free cervical collar neck support for individuals with skin sensitivities. The polyurethane padding enhances patient comfort and wicks moisture away from the skin while applying pressure evenly for comfort. The dial height adjustment knob in the front eliminates the time consuming process of choosing the correct size and adjusts the collar to one of six different height settings.

5 in stock


The Aspen Vista Collar is very comfortable to wear as it is supportive for limiting cervical spine flexion, extension, and rotation. Equipped with removable cotton pads that wick moisture from the patient’s skin and applies pressure evenly for superior comfort and improved patient outcomes. Aspen’s proven cotton lined pads designed to support proper skin care by reducing patient contact points in the occipital area. The large tracheal opening in front provides easy access to airway management and other essential procedures.

  • Dial Height Adjustment – Easy height adjustment with a simple twist of a button – fits properly in seconds.
  • Simplified Inventory – Six sizes in one collar, the Vista collar eliminates the need of storing multiple sizes.
  • Large Access Window – Allows for easy access to patient’s neck in the front.
  • Promotes Healthy Skin Care – Proven cotton-lined pads support proper skin care by reducing patient contact points in the occipital area.
  • Effectively Limits Motion – Stabilizes cervical area and limits motion in all directions
  • Comfortable – Ideal for all-day use.
  • Options: Replacement Pads are available for purchase to extend the life of your c-collar.

Cervical Collar Instruction Video

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