Resting Hand Splint


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Resting Hand Splint treats moderate flexion contractures of wrist/hand/thumb.

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Resting Hand Splint treats moderate flexion contractions of wrist/hand/thumb. Bend to fit construction allows easy modification without heat or tools even at the difficult to fit thumb. Adjustable for ulnar/radial deviation. Extra long wrist strap maintains proper position while applying gentle stretch.

  • Resting Hand Splints adjustable without tools or heat
  • Control the Wrist-Hand-Finger assembly, counteracting contraction, wrist drop, etc
  • Provide Functional Hand Position, Intrinsic Plus Position, Immobilization and prevent deformity
  • Ease Rheumatoid Arthritis, for Day and Night Wear, Trauma injuries, etc.
  • Immobilizes wrist, fingers, and thumb.
  • Immobilizes in functional hand position or intrinsic plus position.
  • Flex-E-Core Adjustable Without Heat or Tools


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