Cindy Wrist Support effectively limits wrist flexion with a low profile six inch length design.  The product allows full use of your fingers and is easy apply with its single wrist closure strap.  The brace has four flexible stays palmar says underneath and 4 flexible stays on the dorsal side to limit wrist movement.  The Cindy Wrist Support inside is lined with a breathable liner material to promote air flow and to help enhance overall comfort.

  • Designed to stabilize, restrict, and protect the wrist without limiting thumb rotation
  • Brace fits below the distal palmar crease permitting normal finger function
  • Durable polyester outer layer with breathable open-cell foam core and soft nylon lining
  • Series of sewn-in flexible palmar and dorsal stays help maintain wrist in neutral position
  • Positional thumb-web strap for a personalized fit and greater comfort
  • Hook and loop closure for easy application and removal
  • Support length 6″
  • Optional cold-therapy Cryo Pad insert sold separately

Sizes Available:

Left – Small, Medium, Large, X-large

Right – Small and X-large